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Mahidas Surge to NSD Level

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


For Sanjay & Karen Mahida, of Saddle Brook, NJ, joining Primerica changed everything. Before he joined, Sanjay earned $40,000 per year as a computer specialist. At the time, he was single, looking for a way to make a better income. Meanwhile, Karen was employed as Primerica legend, Jim Meyer’s, assistant. The two met in the office and, in 2000, were married on the beach of Maui, HI’s Grand Wailea Resort, during a Primerica incentive trip.*

“Primerica really changed everything for us,” says Sanjay. “Not only did Karen and I meet through the business, but, most importantly, when we were unable to have children, our Primerica income allowed us to go through a private agency to adopt our beautiful daughter, Izzy.**”

He continues, “It feels fantastic to earn our NSD advancement because it means that our RVP team and our base shop are growing. We feel like we are the luckiest and most appreciative people in the world to get to work with our teammates every day. We have the most dedicated and loyal group of people, working as a family to push each other up. And our uplines, NSD Paul Sinofsky and SNSD Jim Meyer have been our lifelines. We are so proud to be MANIACS and to be a part of the Primerica team!”

Awesome job, Sanjay and Karen! You gained a family through Primerica, and your efforts to help others achieve their goals continues to solidify your team as power players in this business!

*For more information about incentives discussed, including qualification guidelines, please see POL for details. **Primerica Representatives are independent contractors and are not employees of Primerica. 15PFS389