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Singhs Rise to Ultimate Level: Senior National Sales Director (SNSD)

Friday, August 14th, 2015


No one gets to the SNSD level on their own. It takes a real commitment to helping others live their dreams to propel a leader to this ultimate level. Over the years, Gurpreet & Harjinder Singh, of Valley Stream, NY, have learned a thing or two about what it takes to become successful in Primerica.

“The key for us has been constant communication,” explains Gurpreet. “I try and be the first voice in their head when they wake up or the last voice before they go to sleep. Doing this gives me a chance to find out how better I can serve them.”

During their SNSD run – and even now, as the team grows forward – Gurpreet says one of the most exciting things they see in their business is the level of enthusiasm from their teammates. “People are constantly self improving and increasing their level of activity,” she smiles. “There’s a ‘childlike enthusiasm’ in the hierarchy. People are beginning to see their hard work pay off in advancements or new income levels.”

Incredible work, Gurpreet and Harjinder! Your leadership and your commitment to helping others achieve their goals are evident in every new milestone you reach.